Collection: Backpacks



Going to school, college, university, or office, or let it be a picnic, everyone needs a backpack in their daily life routine. BREACHIT brings you Customized Backpacks in Pakistan, and that too at very reasonable prices, with a variety of laptop backpacks and printed backpacks with exciting and unique designs in two types of bag categories, i.e., Allover and Front panel backpacks. These bags are of top-notch quality, which allows you to carry them for multiple purposes. Our bags have a single zip compartment with a separate space for your laptop and water bottle. Polyester PVC fabric allows you to be fearless during rain as it is waterproof. All the designs are printed, which won't fade away after a wash. Designs can also be made on your customization.

Trendy and Catchy designs let you showcase your style wherever you go.

Best feature? There are countless variations in backpack colors, patterns & design. Are you searching for a bold and colorful piece to house all your accessories? There are several adorable laptop backpack options available. Which do you prefer for college: Allover backpacks or front panel backpacks? We also have selections for it. For any personality and style, there is an alternative available.



Want to let everyone see the bigger picture of your customization or design of your bag? Choose our Allover customized bags, which allow you to express your plans or interests with more space. Select from 100+ catchy and trendy designs available in our Allover backpack range, an excellent bag with good space and separate space for a laptop. It comes with two side water bottle pockets and a single zip compartment made with washable fabric. Cleanly hand sewn and printed by machine, this combo makes it the best among all. You can also get your all over design customized as per your choice and flex all over with the most fabulous bag on your shoulder! Getting it on your doorstep would be the cherry on top at such a reasonable backpack price in Pakistan, with fantastic deals, too! How about getting two badges along with a bag? All new ways to Flex among your friends!


How about getting a bag whose front panel displays personalized patterns, text, logos, or graphics? We got it solved for you! This is a perfect bag for those who want to stand out or display a specific picture or message without overpowering the bag with design. Please select any of our 90+ methods and deliver it to your doorstep! Our bag is of premium quality, which allows you a separate space for your laptop & water bottle. You can also get your picture or message printed through a customized backpack. Get your favorite player's picture printed, or bring your favorite superhero in your bag and go out with style like never before! Bags with customizable front panels offer an extensive range of customization possibilities that let people stand out and leave a lasting impression with their accessories. Customization of bags provides a flexible and powerful approach to creating a statement in everyday fashion and utility, whether it's about expressing personal flair, promoting a company, or delivering a thoughtful gift.